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About Us
TOTAL-FACTOR it consulting provides software consulting services and solutions designed to help businesses to overcome limits of - time, technology, and resources - to meet business goals. TOTAL-FACTOR's consultants have experience delivering on-time, on-budget solutions. TOTAL-FACTOR's consultants offer services including development of e-business applications and commercial software products, and maintenance and support of both packaged and proprietary applications.

TOTAL-FACTOR it consulting has always stood for a deep understanding of the Technologies with which it works. Our consultants have regularly invested in understanding and using cutting edge technologies that they see as relevant to building cost effective solutions for our clients.

Our consultants focus on assimilating technology, creating frameworks and processes that help design and build highly scaleable and performance driven applications for the corporate world.

Privacy statement
Total-Factor It Consulting, Computer and Systems Consulting, has been in the Information Technology business for over 30 year and has had a WEB presence since 1996, making these sites some of the oldest sites on the Internet. We have served from the individual and the small, less than 100 employes companies, to the large Multinational corporations with more than 250,000 employes. We are proud of our achievements. We offer services that touch all aspects of the Information Technology and online environments. Your are a very important part of our success. We will respect your privacy at all cost. To serve you better we have diversified our services. We believe that a well informed client will make well educated decisions. We are proud to offer services that help you.
Our Services
As organizations constantly strive to iterate their business and IT strategies, TOTAL-FACTOR's well-honed IT consultants enrich our business consulting services to define, optimize and align our clients' business strategy with technology initiatives.
TOTAL-FACTOR it consulting has positioned itself to provide unparalleled and unique services to meet the growing challenges of the IT world. These services are backed by our extensive experience in this field.

Our consultants help you achieve your business objectives through the appropriate use and implementation of technology.

Our IT Consulting service portfolio consists of:
  • Application Development
  • Application Maintenance
  • Technical Staffing and consulting
  • Network Management
  • eCommerce Solutions
Our consultants are geared to meet a wide spectrum of technology skills thereby facilitating you to successfully complete and implement your critical technology initiatives in a timely and cost efficient manner. Our consultants constantly update themselves with a variety of technical, communication and language training to meet the operational and cultural requirements of our customers.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide value to our customers by delivering services with professionalism and honesty. Our assurance to Quality and Service is matched equally by our desire to be the very best. We have a full suite of IT Consulting Services to help our Customers meet their goals. We measure our success by yours.
  • Project Services
    We can support your Information Management requirements for any or all the phases of a project life cycle or can take complete responsibility for a total systems solution. Consulting is available across the entire spectrum of platforms, languages and technologies
  • Consulting Services
    Most organizations rely on technology to support virtually every aspect of their operation. We provide a full range of consulting services to help fulfill the information technology requirements of businesses today. The crucial challenge of technology is finding the right people. No information technology project can be successful without the people to make it successful. We help you find the best people in the industry.
  • Placement Services
    We have a complete spectrum of IT professionals ready to work for your company
    - Full Time 
    - Part Time 
    - Contract
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We are located in

Toronto, On. Canada
Boston, Ma USA

Tel: 416.564.1976
E-Mail: Info@Total-Factor.com
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